3 SCHIPS AND A GIRL CANINE LODGE strives to offer a unique, comfortable, and fun daycare or vacation experience for your small dog. We screen all dogs prior to admission to ensure a harmonious environment. Deb (the GIRL) and her staff are very hands-on and every dog in our care gets one-on-one attention; as such, we welcome puppies as well as elderly dogs. The Lodge consists of a main playroom as well as a secondary building dubbed “The Bunkhouse” and we have two very large play yards covered with artificial turf to ensure a sanitary and safe-footing environment. The yard is securely fenced. Boarders sleep together in the playroom or in the Bunkhouse (dogs will only be crated at night if necessary). We were the first “kennel free” facility to open in Whatcom County. 3 Schips and A Girl operates entirely by word of mouth; we do not advertise. If you wish to visit our facility, please schedule an appointment so we can spend time with you. Please see our 3 Schips and A Girl Facebook page for photos and videos.

3 Schips and A Girl Canine Lodge is truly one-of-a-kind!