It was a busy 2010, full of changes (some very unexpected), but the year ended on a good note and I’m excited about 2011. Some of you may have heard that I’m opening up a dog hotel and I hope to be opening those doors come April or May. We broke ground before Christmas and are moving right along. Stay tuned for details. I will say that this will be a small, very cozy and fun hotel (more like a “hound camp”) that caters to small dogs.

On another note, I want to say how grateful I am to all my clients. I have met such wonderful people and their dogs and cats this year. Christmas time was special in that I really enjoyed the evening and night-time (potty!) walks in the various neighborhoods – the Christmas lights were so festive. The best thing about being involved with pet services is that I am able to observe the love between pets and their humans, which is a nice counterbalance to what I sometimes see in the world of rescue.

Speaking of love, Schipperke lovers are a tight-knit and proud group of folks. I was walking my two Schips Bizzy and Juno in the rain and wind the other day, and a car coming in the opposite direction slowed way down and two young girls in the back seat rolled down their window and waved and showed me their Schipperke, shouting something like “Schipperkes Rule!” or some such before driving off. It was hilarious. Due to the dreadful weather I didn’t get to send off a proper salute to this family, but it was so typical of Schip lovers . . . a “Brake if you see a Schipperke” moment. How many Lab owners do this? LOL.

I wish everyone a wonderful 2011. Be kind to your furry friends and listen to what they have to say.