Sorry folks, updating Facebook a few times a week makes me forget about keeping up with a blog. So it’s October 29th and I’ve got a new pup on the way and I’ve been reviewing a lot of my favorite books – and reading some new ones too. Looking for a gift for that dog lover in your life? Here are some of my favorites.

1. ANYTHING by Patricia McConnell. Books or videos. She is dynamite. I have a number of books and pamphlets and she is an amazing writer, dog trainer and behaviorist.

2. Check out Victoria Schade’s book BONDING WITH YOUR DOG. This is an excellent read and has a lot of wonderful training advice. Very accessible.

3. Pat Miller’s PLAY WITH YOUR DOG covers some of the same stuff as Victoria’s book above in terms of dog games but this is a shorter book really focused on games.

4. My friend and certified dog trainer Celeste Patten turned me onto Kathy Sdao’s book PLENTY IN LIFE IS FREE: Reflections on Dogs, Training, and Finding Grace. This is an interesting book . . . I admit I got a little turned off by the rather lengthy discussion of religion, but there is indeed a purpose behind her prose as she challenges the training philosophy Nothing in Life is Free (NILIF) . . . As I immerse myself in agility training videos and books of late, I find myself thinking of this book by Sdao a lot.


With the geese flying south these last few days, I’m happiest taking my dogs for a walk. I love teaching my dogs new things, but what I love most is going out in a field or on a trail and just spacing out and taking in the world. Hanging out on the couch with Schippies piled around me also ranks high on my list. 3 Schips and A Girl is very busy these days and it’s wonderful to have so many other furry friends in my life. The entertainment value is HUGE! LOL. What I love most about my work is seeing all these dogs so very loved by their humans. It’s heart warming.

Til next time.