During October Bizzy and Juno ran in the NADAC trial that Chaotic Canines (Chuckanut Dog Training Association) hosted in Lynden. I was pretty proud of the girls: Bizzy picked up three qualifying runs, and Juno picked up two. This was their second NADAC trial, the first one being a year ago. At this time I have only been entering trials in the Bellingham area (which means Lynden!) . . . maybe I’ll branch out one of these days . . . but I confess I’m not so much into the travelling part. The trials are long days and while they are becoming more fun for me (and the dogs) they are still kind of nerve-wracking! But I’m stressing less and less and just going out to have a good time. Nope, we’re not headed toward Nationals. As far as I’m concerned, getting the girls to NOT visit the ring stewards during a run is success! :)

Speaking of Chuckanut Dog Training Association (CDTA), it’s an excellent organization that offers a lot of different activities for dogs, from agility to obedience to Rally to tracking and more. If you’re not familiar with CDTA, check us out! You can visit our website for lots of information. We are a unique club in that we have so many activities for dogs and their guardians. It’s a great group.

On November 6 and 7 Juno and I will be in the Rally Trial in Lynden. This will be Juno’s first time in Excellent. I’m also showing my friend’s Schipperke, Raven, in Advanced. Wish us luck! Could be a crazy day or two! If you’re not familiar with Rally Obedience, come watch – it’s at the Lynden Fairgrounds. Obedience will also be happening in addition to Rally. Juno likes Rally – she’s kind of a couch potato at heart and so the pace suits her. Bizzy finds Rally extremely boring (she’s more of an agility kind of gal).

Speaking of Raven, she’s a brilliant athlete and super smart and she spends a lot of time with us. I hope I can start working with Raven in agility as she is definitely driven and is one fast Schip!

Anyway . . . I’ll keep y’all posted on our Rally and Agility adventures.