the 3 SCHIPS:

3 Schips and a Girl canine lodging

Photo by Nicki Bailey NB Photography

“The GIRL” –
Deb Bruner – is:

an accomplished dog trainer and competitor in various dog performance events, including agility, Rally, barn hunt, and conformation showing. Deb competes in both AKC and NADAC agility and has attended national competitions in both venues. Deb’s Schip Blitzen is consistently ranked one of the top agility Schips in the United States. At the time of this writing (2021), he is the only Schipperke in the U.S. to hold a Grand Championship in both AKC Agility and in conformation.

Deb typically has more than the 3 Schipperkes she had at the time of opening the Canine Lodge. But those original 3 Schipperkes were life changing! Deb does her best to expose Campers and their humans to current training techniques (in general, positive-reward based; more specifically, based on Fenzi Program techniques and with the incorporation of games).

Deb has vast experience with dogs of all types, from purebreds to rescues. She is a former board member of the Whatcom Humane Society and for a number of years was active in rescue and fostering with Furbaby and Seattle Purebred Dog Rescue.  Deb maintains active ties with veterinarians and trainers and strives to be a helpful resource to all her clients.

Two of the original reviews when Deb launched her business in 2011:

“Deb Bruner has been attending various levels of obedience classes with her Schipperkes for a number of years now. Our relationship is not just that of trainer and student. Deb has become a good friend and I am not surprised she would choose a career as one to care for animals. I have watched Deb evolve as a trainer, observed the love and devotion she has for them, and she has developed a wonderful relationship with her dogs. Deb is definitely a lover of animals, and they all love her right back. As a trainer for many years, I can see how hard she works with her dogs and how well it is paying off with her recent successes in the obedience ring. I would hire Deb to take care of my dogs without hesitation.”

Laura Berger
Trainer, Thinking Dog

“Deb came to me for some advanced training with one of her dogs who was showing reactive behaviors. Having rehabilitated her dog she is now an extremely competent and skilled dog handler who knows how to confidently and competently handle even difficult dogs in stressful situations. She reads dog body language well, uses her wonderful sense of humor to encourage the dog’s sense of joy and has the warmth and compassion of a true animal advocate. With her level of caring and expertise, I wouldn’t even hesitate to have her care for our special needs German Shepherd, Vera.”

Kerry Mitchell, CPDT-KA
Canine Recovery LLC

3 Schips and a Girl Canine Lodging

Photo by Nicki Bailey NB Photography