February is National Pet Dental Health Month

What? You don't think about your dog's oral care EVERY month? Dental health care should be a daily ritual of some sort. I know, I know, it can be yet another task to take care of in an already busy day, and maybe you have multiple dogs (like me) where it's a task x 6. However, dental care is super important on so many levels. If your dog suffers from bad breath, did you know that the odor might pose a serious health risk, one that includes damaging your dog's organs as well as gums and teeth? On my 3 [...]

February 3, 2017|

Why Use a Holistic Vet?

I've been using a holistic vet for years now, and I can't imagine not using one. My holistic vet is Donna Kelleher, DVM, here in Bellingham. A vet is not a vet is not a vet, and when it comes to holistic vets, the case is no doubt the same; every individual has to decide whether a health-care provider for your dog is the right fit. The term holistic vet gives some folks pause, I think. What IS a holistic vet? When someone suggested I consider Dr. Donna for one of my Schips who was suffering from blisters along her lips, I remember wondering [...]

January 8, 2017|

Train the Dog in Front of You

Early in 2016 my Schip pup Ace and I were able to start a Pre-Sport Puppy Foundation class at Synergy Dog Sports in Mt. Vernon. What a journey I found myself on! Instructor Diana Hoyem introduced our puppies to all things Fenzi: that is, the Denise Fenzi methods of training a dog utilizing her books from the Dog Sports Skills Series. These books discuss developing engagement and relationship, motivation, play, and focus. Wow. So sensible. I ask myself, How is it this kind of training is so new? Yet is is and it has transformed how I think about dogs [...]

January 2, 2017|

Lodge schedules

Back in January I announced Lodge closure dates so I can attend agility trials. Please note that these dates have changed and I will not necessarily be closed on any of the previously announced closure dates. Please call or email me to find out current schedules. Thanks!

April 28, 2013|

Happy 2013! News from the Lodge.

Hello! 2012 was excellent for The Canine Lodge and I'm excited about 2013! Thank you to everyone who voted for 3 Schips and A Girl in the Best of the Northwest contest; I was pleased that we received honorable mention given that we have been operating less than two years. And we're small! We continue to average 10-13 dogs a day, and we plan on staying small. We like to give our campers (as we call the dogs who come for daycare or board) lots of attention. We don't simply manage dogs, we interact with them and while the Lodge [...]

January 8, 2013|

2012 Fall News – Good Reads!

Sorry folks, updating Facebook a few times a week makes me forget about keeping up with a blog. So it's October 29th and I've got a new pup on the way and I've been reviewing a lot of my favorite books - and reading some new ones too. Looking for a gift for that dog lover in your life? Here are some of my favorites. 1. ANYTHING by Patricia McConnell. Books or videos. She is dynamite. I have a number of books and pamphlets and she is an amazing writer, dog trainer and behaviorist. 2. Check out Victoria Schade's book [...]

October 29, 2012|

Safe Summer Fun

As mentioned in the June issue of BARK magazine, be careful about letting your dog drink from a garden hose, either directly or indirectly (e.g., I use a hose to fill wading pools for the dogs to splash in, and of course they also drink from the pools). Most hoses are made from PVC, which contain Phthalates (a chemical used to soften plastics), and these may be linked to birth defects and cancer (among other things) . . . and then there is the issue of lead in the hose brass fittings. Here at the Lodge I use a hose [...]

July 1, 2012|

May 2012

I've been so busy on the 3 Schips and A Girl Facebook page this year that I have completely neglected this blog. Poor blog! Lots of exciting things have been happening to date, and here are just a few. In March I attended a two-day seminar conducted by animal behaviorist and dog trainer Sophia Yin. Lots of good stuff to absorb, remind myself of, and put into practice here at the Lodge. The Canine Lodge celebrated its one-year anniversary May 5! Thanks to all who attended the Cinco De Mayo party! The raffle to raise money for Whatcom Humane Society was [...]

May 20, 2012|

Happy 2012!

I'm excited about 2012 and I hope you are too! I would like to thank all my clients for bringing their fabulous poochies to the Lodge in 2011. It was a fun year and I know 2012 will be the same. I mentioned this on the Lodge Facebook page, but it bears repeating: Dogs give us the gift of knowledge that we didn't have before, and we can share that gift with others. In this way, our dogs live forever, giving in ever-widening circles. I find the above especially inspiring when dealing with my blue Schip Tripp who has a [...]

January 3, 2012|

Yellow Jackets

These past few weeks I've been visited by a lot of yellow jackets, which made for a few bee stings both with friends and poochies here at the Lodge. One of my clients gave me a great tip that I thought I would share. When yellow jackets sting, the stinger is attached to a little tiny sack, and you want to remove that sack to pull out the stinger so the stinger doesn't break off in the skin. One of my dogs stepped on a yellow jacket (and of course started howling); the stinger was in his paw pad and [...]

October 20, 2011|
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