Awhile back I mentioned on my Facebook page that I’m reading a terrific book called DOG SENSE: How the New Science of Dog Behavior Can Make You a Better Friend to Your Pet. I am not quite finished reading this book, but I highly recommend it to any dog parent or dog lover (and it would make an excellent holiday gift). Whether you want to understand why our dogs behave like they do, or you’ve heard concerns about certain (e.g. Cesar Milan’s) training methods, or you just want to know how to better bond with your dog, this is the book for you. This is a book with scientific research behind it; the author, John Bradshaw, is a renowned animal scientist. He has quickly become one of my favorite authors, along with Patricia McConnell and Jean Donaldson.

Business has been brisk here at the Lodge! I’m meeting fabulous folks and their dogs and it’s been an honor and great fun to be part of these “families.” Some of my (two legged) Lodge visitors are expressing interest in agility and K9 Nosework: Chuckanut Dog Training Association is a good place to start pursuing these (and many other) activities. You can also check out the Tails-A-Wagging website for agility and other cool things to do with your dog (like Doga!). I’ve been doing Rally and Agility for a few years now; I’m not the highly competitive type but I love classes (I’m less enamored with the actual trials . . . I have a hard time waiting for “my turn” to do a course!). We have some great instructors in our area, so let me know if you need any information.

At the end of the day (and they certainly are getting shorter and shorter this time of year), I have to admit that my favorite thing to do with my dogs is going for a walk. I love just walking along and watching the dogs take in the world through their noses. For me walks are about reconnecting with that we tend to forget or take for granted. Whether you believe in animal communication or not, I’m fascinated with the idea that no matter how much we try and understand and communicate with our dogs, there’s a world of information out there that we’re only scratching the surface on . . . and yet, it seems it’s right in fron of our own noses! So close, yet so far.

Til next time. . . .