2012 was excellent for The Canine Lodge and I’m excited about 2013! Thank you to everyone who voted for 3 Schips and A Girl in the Best of the Northwest contest; I was pleased that we received honorable mention given that we have been operating less than two years. And we’re small! We continue to average 10-13 dogs a day, and we plan on staying small. We like to give our campers (as we call the dogs who come for daycare or board) lots of attention. We don’t simply manage dogs, we interact with them and while the Lodge is all about having fun, we do want campers to have manners and we like to teach them new things. If you watch the posts on our Facebook page, you’ll see what we mean.

We continue to offer daycare by the hour and occasionally on weekends. Give us a call and check to see what we’re offering. If you have Canadian friends who cross the border to come shop or fly out of Bellingham, tell them about the Lodge! We are so conveniently located to the airport and Costco and Fred Meyer. Small dogs would have much more fun playing at the Lodge than sitting at home waiting for their humans to return.

Here at the Lodge we don’t charge extra for weekend pickups or dropoffs; we don’t charge extra for giving medicine to boarders; and we don’t have strict hours in general. We will continue to offer as much flexibility as we can during 2013.

Thanks to all who have visited the Lodge since we opened!