Yes, it’s a very good idea to brush your dog’s teeth! Doggie oral care is just as important as it is for us humans. I have found a couple things that help me take care of my dogs’ teeth, so I figured I would share what I’ve learned from Dr. Donna Kelleher, our Bellingham holistic vet.

For brushing, PetzLife Oral Care Gel is what I use. It’s all natural (containing grapefruit seed extract and herbs and natural oils). There are two flavors – salmon and peppermint. I shop around on-line for this product as the pricing varies. I like the toothbrushes I’ve been getting from Northshore Veterinary Hospital here in Bellingham; they are just right for little dogs. PetzLife Oral Gel also comes in a spray, but Dr. Kelleher told me that the gel and a toothbrush are more effective.

Another great product I use is PlaqueOff. The manufacturer is ProDen. I also shop on-line for this product as it is fairly pricey. It’s a seaweed product (a powder) and you just mix a scoop (scoop is provided with the product) in your pet’s food (you can use it with cats too). It’s quite effective! In 8 weeks my dogs’ teeth brightened up quite a bit and tartar disappeared.  The 60g bottle will last a long time.  It’s well worth the price. On the Schipperke Chat Site I discovered that a lot of Schippie owners also use this product and they rave about it. It’s a whole lot cheaper than a dental on your dog. Don’t be surprised if your dog’s breath smells a bit, well, fishy (but it’s mild!).  LOL.