I asked Ringo today what he thought about 3 SCHIPS AND A GIRL and he said, “It ROCKS!”. I pretty much knew he would say that, of course. Whenever we are in the car on our way to the Canine Lodge, Ringo sings the whole way. By the time we are turning in the driveway he has jumped onto my lap (which he knows he is not allowed to do) and is singing at the top of his lungs. I can barely get his leash on him before he will jump out of the car and drag me to the front door. When he sees Deb it is as if they have been separated for years. Ringo loves his time at the Canine Lodge and I am so happy to let anyone and everyone know who has a small breed friend that this is the place to go when they are away. I can’t recommend it any higher. And Ringo gives it two paws up.

Michelle Greening & Ringo Starr

When I drop Audi off at 3 SCHIPS AND A GIRL I do not worry about his well being while I’m gone. I appreciate Deb’s daily report card of Audi’s experience at 3 SCHIPS when I pick him up. I have referred Deb to several friends who I know want the very best for their pets and they share my accolades of her service. I know what Audi likes and what he does not. Audi likes staying at 3 SCHIPS AND A GIRL!

Byron Sprague General Manager Roger Jobs Motors, Inc

I hate to admit it, but I am a “nervous Nellie”. Before Deb came along, I hated to leave our Angel when we went away. I worried she’d get attacked by another dog, be neglected, or be just plain miserable. Used to be, when she came back home, it took a day or two for her to calm down. She has been staying at the Lodge now since it opened, for long and short stays. Deb is so caring, knowledgable, and attentive that we have no qualms about leaving her. Sure, she’s happy to get back home, but now she settles right back into her old routine – no stress involved! One less thing to worry about on my “nervous Nellie” list! Thanks so much, Deb!

Sue Krueger

We are owners of a beloved little, reactive rescue dog named Cecil. We are so grateful he is welcomed and happy at the Canine Lodge. He is secure there and receives kindness and stimulating care. We can leave him at the lodge confident that he is in loving, patient hands.

Dean, Elaine, and Cecil Rebuck

I have been bringing my dog, Lilly, to 3 SCHIPS AND A GIRL for about 2 years now. Deb is the best! I never worry when I am on vacation – I know that Lilly will be treated like family and be happy and cared for the whole time. I would not hesitate to recommend 3 SCHIPS AND A GIRL to anyone, and I have!


If you’re happy and you know it wag your tail! 3 SCHIPS AND A GIRL Canine Lodge is a little slice of heaven for pups of the smaller persuasion. My dog loves visiting Deb and all her canine friends, playing and running in the great outdoor and indoor spaces, and staying for sleepovers when I’m out of town. Deb treats every dog like they are family!

Michelle Abernathy

I love 3 SCHIPS AND A GIRL! I have attended once a week for one and half years. It is a cozy lodge to lounge around in. However, I prefer the outdoor area because I have an active lifestyle. My interests include: wrestling, tag, tugging, swimming, chewing, and peanut butter. My passion is fetching balls and playing frisbee. I enjoy staying at the lodge for a sleepover or even vacationing for a week if my Mom and Dad let me. Auntie Deb reinforces lessons that my parents teach me at home. I may not always get high marks on my report card, but my report cards always seem to make my Mom smile anyway.

Maggie Boston Terrier Age 2 ~ Melissa Schwartz Special Education Teacher, Central Elementary

I love going to the lodge cause I get to see both my canine and human friends. They all love and accept me just the way I am. I can play inside or outside whenever I like or just hang out in the sun. There are lots of toys and places to relax and I get cuddles and lots of attention. I go home from my play days a happy tired camper.


THREE SCHIPS AND A GIRL is the best kept secret in the Doggie Daycare world! We take our little Princess, Chloe, to Camp and she loves it. Why wouldn’t she …Deb hand feeds Chloe her lunch!! Chloe is so excited to get to Camp that she starts whining as soon as we turn onto Aldrich Rd. If Chloe had her way she would jump out of the car and race us there and we’re sure she would win. Chloe loves the rocks, pool, and all the fresh air she gets from being outside all day. The little “report cards” that Deb writes are so funny and make us laugh all the way home. We would read them to Chloe but she’s too tired to listen. It’s so nice to have a worry free day as we do our errands and know that Chloe is playing with all her friends! 3 SCHIPS AND A GIRL is the best place ever!

Bob & Bunny Hudson

After my first overnight camp experience, my humans knew that 3 SCHIPS AND A GIRL was a great cage-free kennel but they were actually surprised to find out what a truly social animal I am! I now come here regularly for play dates, too! My humans think the visits keep me young but I think it’s just plain fun playing with my pals! And they are the best pals ever – no big bully-dogs allowed. It truly is a dog’s life here for me…and my happiness shows in the pictures and videos that Deb takes all the time. Thanks for making me feel like such a lucky dog, Deb!

Signed, Dixie (and her humans, Tina and Paul Storer)

I look forward to Thursdays because I know Elke is playing, having fun, and happily running zoomies with her friends in the fresh air. Friends, games, swimming, oh boy! A friend told us about 3 SCHIPS AND A GIRL! And I am so glad she did! Deb is amazing, she is great with dogs, she cares about them, works with them and she is so fun – the report cards are a hoot! A day at 3 SCHIPS for our dog is a day of interaction and activity. We get peace of mind, and then we all enjoy a relaxing evening! I’m greatly relieved to consider that we could go away for the day or the weekend, and our dog would be happy spending the time at 3 SCHIPS. Thank you Deb for this valued service!!!