These past few weeks I’ve been visited by a lot of yellow jackets, which made for a few bee stings both with friends and poochies here at the Lodge. One of my clients gave me a great tip that I thought I would share. When yellow jackets sting, the stinger is attached to a little tiny sack, and you want to remove that sack to pull out the stinger so the stinger doesn’t break off in the skin. One of my dogs stepped on a yellow jacket (and of course started howling); the stinger was in his paw pad and I could see the little sack, which I removed with tweezers and out came the stinger too. No more pain, no swelling. Living Earth Herbs here in Bellingham has a wonderful herbal salve (for humans and poochies) that is great for skin irritations, including bee stings. It’s a great product to keep on hand and if a dog licks it off, there are no harmful chemicals in it.

Happy Fall!